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Posted on 4/24/2017


I have never had a problem with Groupon until recently. I had purchased products/services but have been unable to use due to having to relocate, unknown to me at the time of purchase. When attempting to communicate with customer service, to see if there was a workable solution so that i could use the money spent on something local or functional, i encountered a courteous but disconnected response. Multiple emails were sent over a period of time and i have never had a bad experience with Groupon before, so i was expecting a much different experience. When i emailed customer service, it was quite obvious that the representative did not bother to read the email i had sent, as i continually received a form email from Groupon answering a question that had never been asked. I called and spoke with customer service, who had quite a fun time giving me the run around and being pleasant but unhelpful. When i asked to speak with a manager, i was transferred to some woman who told me that all i could do was gift my contribution to Groupon to someone, but not to myself. Too bad so sad, basically. She refused to give contact info for her supervisor and any attempt at getting more information was met with resistance. All in all, i think she had a good time telling me that there was nothing that anyone could do. I highly doubt this as fact. So at this point, Groupon is refusing to allow transfer of (my) funds towards something i can use, so they are essentially keeping my money without providing a thing in return. I also purchased a phone from Groupon that was defective and did not work. I had been out of town and when i returned home and checked the phone, it wouldn't even turn on. When i contacted Groupon about it, they said that it was too late, that there was nothing that could be done. I couldn't return the phone or anything. The asking price for the phone was over $400. So a very pricey risk, i must say. After these recent experiences, i don't think that i will use or recommend this business to anyone else. The amount of money invested was well over $500 and i have received nothing in return. There are too many scams and unsupportive customer service employees that seem to be well versed in, well, nothing really, to be worth the risk. I googled Groupon business and found countless complaints about the same thing. It seems that Groupon lacks a solid resolution plan or is careless with resolution of issues. Even their response rate to complaints listed on this website says a lot. They may as well not even have a customer service department. They are absolutely useless and are pleasantly incompetent. The fact still remains, i paid Groupon over $500 and have received nothing for it. Customer service recommended i give my purchase to someone else, and then refused to inquire upward as to possibilities of transferring purchases.

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Posted on 12/31/2013

Good Customer Service

I have been ordering from for the past year and haven't had any issues. In fact, today I attempted to return leggings that I had ordered and was informed that I will be receiving a full refund, and it was not necessary to return the product. So, I'm getting my money back and I get to keep the leggings even though they were one size to large. I am now planning to gift the leggings. Great company and great products. They also make it easy to return products for a full refund.