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    Wylie, TX 75098
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    (972) 571-1781
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    Hard Work Construction on Facebook 
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    Please contact the business to scheudule an appointment.
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    Larry Owens
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Hard Work Construction provides professional remodeling and home improvement services in Wylie, Texas. Please contact the business for a full list of services.

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About Hard Work Construction

Hard Work Construction is located in Wylie, Texas and services the Dallas area.

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    Great job on new floors!

    Posted on 10/10/2018

    Larry Owen's team at Hard Work Construction laid my new floors throughout my house. They did an excellent job! They moved all my furniture and left everything in perfect shape. Very easy to work with, helpful, timely, professional and they do awesome work. Very glad I chose them for the job and would use them again. Highly recommended. Couldn't be more pleased! Thanks!

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  • 1 Review
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    I highly recommend Hard Work Construction! Great Job

    Posted on 8/28/2018

    Hard Work construction provided quality service and were very responsive and communicated throughout the whole process. They listened to what we wanted and did it in a timely manner. A company that exhibits integrity and pride in their work. We have our dream bathroom!

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