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    I want the business to clean up the building, get rid of the flies and teach employees to wear gloves and hair nets.

    Posted on 7/11/2019

    I was at this location around 4 pm on July 10th 2019 for dinner with my grandmother and nephew. We arrived went to sit down and the floor was slick with grease, flies were everywhere, and when we ordered our food it took over an hour to get it. Our salads was not brought out before the cooked food, when they were there was more lettuce and cabbage along with the cores through our salads. The hamburger steak I ordered was not cooked all the way thru leaving blood on the plate. So I asked for something else which was a hamburger and fries. Upon getting that food the burger was so greasy that I could have cooked 3 chicken's in it. my nephews food which was also hamburger steak wasn't completely cooked either. I have pictures of the disgusting food, after having a few bites of the hamburger I couldn't eat any more due to the grease that dripped off it. The cooks were not wearing gloves or hair nets. The assistant manager spent more time on the phone than doing her job. Also there was another customer who sent her food back for some reason. I feel that someone needs to do something regarding this business before someone dies from eating there. I will never eat there again and I have advised all family and friends to avoid the also. I want the business to clean up the building, get rid of the flies and teach employees to wear gloves and hair nets. And teach them how to properly cook food all the way thru.

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