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This company's business is pet breeding services.

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    It is a total scam, and I was fortunate enough to research everything and realize this before I sent them money!

    Posted on 5/14/2019

    I was looking to purchase a puppy when I came across this website. I requested some additional information on a couple of the puppies that were listed on their website. They called to talk to me, but it was never to give me information on the dogs or allow me to ask questions. They were so adamant on having me download the app Zelle so they could collect payment that when I asked questions, they would not answer them and just tell me to download the app and get it all set up so I could send them money. When I asked for more pictures, they sent me pictures of a completely different breed of dog. I pulled the pictures off of their website, and found that they were just taken off of Google, and they made up stories to go with the pictures they took so it appeared as though they had "testimonials". Being that it has been a couple of weeks since I was in communication with them, no changes have been made to their website, no dogs have been sold, etc. They stopped communicating with me after I asked them to do a video call with me (Skype, Face Time etc.) or send a video of the dogs so I could see them. This "Business" needs to have the website shut down so they do not take advantage of anyone. It is a total scam, and I was fortunate enough to research everything and realize this before I sent them money!

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