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    Poor shoddy work.

    Posted on 6/12/2018

    I hired Johnny Sheppard (850-624-9685) to repair my pool Deck. I have a contract, I was only going to have to pay $1000. for the materials and he was to get paid $5500. when job was finished. I ended up paying a total of $1256 to HD and Carpet Supply. He didn't show up to work until 3:30P or 4P first few days. Bay Point where I live require contractors to leave at 6P, but he would never leave before 7P. His work is so shoddy that I am having other people come out to see if it can be fixed. He pressured me from day one to give him more money up front and I had to call the police out
    to have them tell him to follow the contract after he yelled at me one day. I asked him to put drains in certain places and he refused. He stopped up my existing drain and I have more puddles now than when I started the job. He was to put expansion joints in and he cut tiny crooked saw lines in the concrete that really isn't an expansion joint! He sprayed the deck paint on and got it all over the side of the house, the fence around the pool, the steps, and the wall. All is going to have to be repainted. He said he was finished when he left but he left my existing drain full of paint. I called him the next day and told him don't come back, knowing that the job was a total wreck. I just want other's to know not to hire this person. I am afraid there would be problems from him if I asked for a refund.


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