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Los Angeles, CA 90034
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Posted on 5/31/2020

B E W A R E !

In reference to 21041 Bryant Street, Canoga Park apartment(Bryants Apartment). Beware and run, Ieft this apartment due to cockroach infestation, bedbug...yuck, that's the least, not to mention no hot water for days to weeks, poor management and unprofessional staff/workers who only care for the $$$. With ongoing renovations which is unnecessary, unskilled workers(repairs/construction) who doesn't know what they're doing and cause me of not going to work to oversee them since there's NO manager on site ...for months. With the Covid starting last February, 2020, and the day I was leaving and after the safer at home mandate, workers are not wearing mask. With the new management and price increase, please spend your hard earned money somewhere pleasant, clean and has responsible management. Its not worth it!

Posted on 1/24/2020

Beware Slumlords!

In reference to: 6721 Leland Way #23 Los Angeles CA 90028 This company is a joke and total scam. As a landlord myself, I would NEVER treat tenants this way. Not only has David been the most incompetent property manager, as after major water damage and the entire apartment smelled of mildew we had to vacate immediately. LA apartments had the audacity to keep our security deposit and we had to get a lawyer involved. Now Leonardo is continuing to harass us with the incident saying they dont owe us for the time in which our apartment was unlivable. The mildew and water damage was never addressed. We have respectfully given him the breakdown from our lawyer and several times and he continues to berate us over it trying to negotiate or something. It's weird and unprofessional. We hired a lawyer to arbitrate- why continue to harass us when you know what's up? On top of that, David would hire the homeless to clean the property, which our bike was stolen from, his roommate sells drugs to random people, smokes weed in the building doorway, and grows weed outside in the front. They pretend problems dont exist then they're not liable for it. Good thing I have video and pictures of everything including that of David saying hes not going to do anything about the damage. The apartment flooded for 4 hours straight, and Leonardo says their maintenance worker is a professional to determine mold or mildew. Ahem. Excuse me? Only someone who is a CMP can determine that. As a landlord of a place in Florida, where we get hurricanes and leakage- I know the law and had to tear apart my ceiling to replace with MUCH less damage than this apartment saw. I fixed it- BECAUSE THATS THE LAW! I also paid for my tenants hotel and returned their rent- BECAUSE THATS THE LAW! The fact that Leonardo is at all confused about these very simple tenant rights and landlord responsibilities is crazy and further proves what a slumlord of an operation LA Apartments is.