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The Law Office of Linda D. Lucero provides attorney services specializing in civil, medical malpractice, personal injury, wills and trusts and probate.

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    Worst Lawyer

    Posted on 11/7/2019

    Mrs. Lucero is a dishonest lawyer with a lack of energy to fight for client rights. She lost my mother's Medical Malpractice due to her failer to respond timely and adequately to the defendant 52 motions, where she only files 2 motions, CA Case NO. 612204 Superior Court of Stanly Mosk. We paid Ms. Lucero $3000 to obtain a Medical Expert Witness, she put 1/2 of the money in her pocket and with the other 1/2, she asked for 6 lines of Expert report. Ms. Lucero is under investigation with The State Bar of CA for Fraud. I filed a complaint against Ms. Lucero for Legal Malpractice CA Case No. BC712223 at Stanly Mosk Courthouse and a Judgment was entered in favor of me "Plaintiff", for Mrs. Lucero's Negligence, Beach of Professional Duties to Client, Failing to Propose a Stipulation to Oppose Council to Continue the Motion for Summary Judgment. Mrs. Lucero could not defend her own case at a trial, would you trust her to represent you at the Court? The answer is, simply, "NO WAY"

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