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    Take responsibility for their actions. Screen their aids thoroughly for work and drug history. I speak for the voiceless mobile and immobile community

    Posted on 8/13/2019

    I'm reporting this company for the lack of care to their clients. I believe this to be a growing epidemic in Georgia based home health care. I can only vouch for the lack of care I received. The company display of unprofessionalism, concern for clients, wellness, neglecting duties.

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    Business responded on 8/14/2019

    We have always encouraged our clients to inform us whenever they have any complaint about the quality of care we provide, regardless of how minute the dissatisfaction. This is because we take the quality of service we provide very seriously.

    You were with us for less than 3 weeks and during that time we sent you Ms. S.W.; however, you requested that she be replaced as you wanted “someone prettier and who will talk more.” We replaced Ms. S.W. with Ms. T.B., a seasoned aide in her early 40’s, but you sent her home and called the office to complain that “she was too old”. It was after this that we contacted your Case Manager and requested that you be re-brokered.

    We are sorry you believe our intolerance of any and all types of bias to be unprofessional and uncaring.

    We wish you all the best!