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Posted on 9/6/2020

Charlatans is a polite way of putting it.

This company filed a foreclosure that belonged to a couple in Pa . against my husband and I in NJ..Hid it in an upper court search..NEVER served us..Presented in their complaint to the courts that I took possession of the home and it was my primary residence..Served notice to the owners and me at the owners address in PA..NEVER SERVED my husband and I with any manner of due diligence..Lied in their complaint about our residence in order to obtain the judgement...AND whatever JUDGE in Luzurn Co. Pa, was the hearing the case NEVER checked (his ) (her ) facts when ordering said judgement. To top it off..Maribella Alverez, YES THAT IS HER NAME..with Mr. Cooper, the escalation unit RIP OFF ARTIST, proceeded to tell me when I asked for evidence of a mortgage that I Hud one form. she replied..You were not the signer on the mortgage , therefore I can not give you that..NOW..I found this little party favor out only bc I applied for a mortgage ...after selling my home, never suspecting that I would be declined based on my debt and credit history..Now looking at being homeless in a few short weeks, and shelling out money for an attorney as well as loosing money on the purchase of a new home.. In closing MS. ALVEREZ accused me of MORTGAGE FRAUD..NEVER LIVED A DAY IN pa. and NO JUDGE up there is going to tell me I did..NO government agencies willing to stop this "FORECLOSURE" mill. Both Mr. Cooper and their CHARLATAN attorney known as MANLEY out of Ohio have been litigated against for this and allowing strangers sign notes on homes they didn't own..ELECTRONICLY..Our government allows them to still be a contender in mortgage fraud. In doing some investigating..THEY ALSO LENT this couple over 3 X the amount their home was ever worth..DISGUSTING..I would not let them finance a snow cone..CRIMINALS is all they are. Now I find myself shelling out money to an attorney to address this..The government allowed them to do this..The government should be supporting my legal fees..UNBELIEVABLE>

Posted on 12/21/2017

I wish there was negative stars I could give

This company doesn't care about it's customers. They will foreclose on you if you are 45 days late. Send people to scare your kids and take pictures of your house. When you call them they literally laugh at you and degrade you. If you have a choice between them and paying a little extra with another company. Pay extra. You will still come out better. I was charged $13.71, 24 times in one day. This was bank of america, then nationstar, now mr. Cooper. Same people, same motives