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Posted on 9/13/2019

Company will not support Never answers the phone

Been on the phone for over 2 hours... They incorrectly applied the wrong state on the title and will not respond and want to charge for another change.

Posted on 9/9/2019

It's been a YEAR

I moved over a year ago from Alabama to Georgia. I have a truck that is financed through Westlake Financial which uses mytitlesupport as the go-between for all things titles. I thought everything had been taken care of over a year ago when I registered my truck in Georgia and got a tag. However, a year later, I find out that Georgia has yet to receive a title from these clowns, so I can't renew my tag.
I called mytitlesupport three or more weeks ago (on hold for at least 30 minutes before speaking to anyone) to rectify the situation to see what was the issue, and they claimed they didn't know which tax office in my city they were supposed to send the information to and claimed they had attempted to contact me - I have no record of contact by phone, email, or mail. So, the very nice phone operator with whom I spoke that time said she would have it sent again, but if it was rejected, I would have to pay again. None of this is my fault because I made my order over the phone so that there would be no confusion or mistakes - HA. My re-order was over two weeks ago. I received an automated email from them a few days later claiming that they needed more information but didn't list what information that was. I emailed back to the address listed and received yet another automated message. Then, while my city was evacuated for Hurricane Dorian, I received another message claiming that they still needed more information, but it still did not list what it was. Now, it says my account is closed, which means that I have a vehicle that I cannot legally operate on the road and will eventually have to pay Georgia taxes on it again and get another tag... by the way, the current/former tag was a specialty tag that I obviously paid more for. So I call again today (and was on hold for only about 20 minutes this time) to learn that mytitlesupport needs for the state of Georgia to send them a letter of request that I would have to either fax or email to mytitlesupport. Once they receive it, it will take roughly two to three weeks to process my account. So my truck that I use for both daily driving as well as working is basically illegal and off of the road for the next month until I will have to register it again. I wish there was an office that I could storm into. I'm guessing that the Atlanta address consists of only phone operators that have no actual control of anything. So what good would that even do? The very nice girl I spoke to just said they were in Ohio... so who knows. Why is this service neccesary? Why wouldn't my lender have this information? How are they allowed to operate as a business?