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1 complaints against National Merchants Association closed in last 3 years.
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1 complaints against National Merchants Association

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Customer Complaint


Around December 2019 or January 2020, my merchant account was levied by the IRS. NMA did not release the garnished wages and as of today's date, NMA still has these funds in their possession. I have been emailing and calling this company, and as of two days ago, I finally received consistent responses from Aran January; the VP, Risk & Underwriting personnel. I have been persistent. and very adamant in getting this matter rectified and he/she refuses to cooperate, not to mention, questions that I have requested answers for are disregarded by Aran and the NMA team. It has been 10+ months and I have endured SEVERE penalties from the IRS because of NMA's negligence. The IRS has sent several correspondence to NMA all of which have been ignored. NMA has an obligation to fulfill and adhere to and they are failing to do so. My merchant account superseded the amount of the garnishment and could fully satisfy the levy, yet NMA did not release the funds as mentioned AND stopped my merchant account and did not compensate me for other sales in which I was due. I am very disgusted with the bad business practices within NMA. I also have all correspondence documented for your review. Resolution Sought I am requesting that I be compensated for all the IRS penalties I had to suffer due to their negligence. I am requesting to be reimbursed the monthly fees associated with processing/billing/invoicing (My merchant account has been inactive for 10+ months). I am requesting that all monies owed to me are rendered to me. After the levy was placed, I recall 5 sales going through the merchant account, NMA kept all sales and then debited my account for those sales.

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Company Response


NMA disagrees with Mr. Coles assertions. Any actions or inactions by NMA were not the cause of any IRS Penalties. NMA maintains a reserve account to protect cardholders who might have been defrauded by Mr. Cole. Mr. Cole agreed to this reserve account as part of his Merchant Processing Agreement with NMA. Once NMA received the Levy notice from the IRS, Mr. Cole's merchant account was placed on a 100 hold. All funds processed through his Merchant Account would be held then sent to the IRS until the levy was satisfied. In an effort to avoid paying the IRS levy, Mr. Cole discontinued processing with NMA. Concurrently, he breached the Merchant Processing Agreement. There is no provision in the Merchant Processing Agreement that allowed Mr. Cole to discontinue processing because his Merchant Account was levied by the IRS. Any monthly fees charged to Mr. Cole were appropriately charged and agreed to in the Merchant Processing Agreement. All of the funds that have been held by NMA are now in the process of being released to the IRS. The funds being released to the IRS represent approximately 25 of what Mr. Cole owes to the IRS. Since this amount is not enough to satisfy the levy, no funds will be released to Mr. Cole.

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