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Native Landscape provides excellent work pertaining to gardening, landscape, ground maintenance, tree services, free estimates and handyman services.

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Native Landscape & Design offers free same day estimates and 24 hour emergency calls! Covering Los Angeles and Orange counties.
Tree Services include: artistic trimming, corrective tree repair, tree vitamin supplement application, crown reduction, tree pruning & tree removal. FREE ESTIMATES!

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    Sloppy work

    Posted on 10/5/2014

    We hired Steve, owner of native landscape one year ago to remove a couple of big trees, landscape and install a new fence and flower bed. The tree crew showed up and removed the trees quickly. The landscape crew came in a couple of days later and started to work. Since the first day they showed signs of trouble. They left their left over trash from lunch in my front porch. They also left an old dirty cooler in the front porch over the weekend….Twice. The trash was constantly left on our front porch but I chose to not say anything and simply throw it out. That was just the beginning. The fence the put it was to have a few pillars made out of rock to match the existing landscape of the house. The pillars were built with old recycle rock and cement. The cement was not cleaned up so it was as though the slapped on cement and pounded the rocks on top. No cleaning up so it dried looking like so sloppy and simply ugly. To top it off, they used some our personal material to built the pillars without asking or even notifying us. The fence was suppose to be a “white” fence but as it was installed we decided to leave it natural. When I asked him when they were going to seal the fence with clear sealant, Steve’s response was “…that wasn’t part of the contract”…although true, the contact did state a ‘white’ fence so instead of painting with white paint we expected them to put the sealant on. They didn’t. The sprinklers were not set correctly so they have ruined the fence because of the water overspray. The flower bed that was built to match an existing flower bed made out of rock, was installed. Crooked. Sloppy cement work. They planted a plum tree literally up against the garage wall which made no sense. I asked them to move it and they did hesitantly. Steve said he planted it there because he didn’t want the sun to kill it. A professional landscaper should know better. I called Steve and asked that he please come back and fix things. He was did come back eventually and not before he had a couple of ‘no shows’, he sprinkled seed to fix the dead grass….Still dead. He straighten out the flower bed but only one corner and the cement was just as sloppy. He promised to come back the next day but never showed up, never called, nothing. So disappointing. Thousands of dollars spent and the yard is terrible.

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