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Posted on 11/5/2013

Giving credit where credit is due

I started with New Life Tax Relief about 6 months ago when the IRS was trying to garnish my wages. My boss called me in to his office to tell me the IRS was going to start garnishing my wages he told me he would hold it off for another pay period and gave me some time to take care of the issue. I had no idea where to go, so I googled it and called a few companies. New Life was one of those that I called. I read mixed reviews about the company as I did about all of them (some more than others) and it was cheaper than the other company I was stuck between by about $1,900.00 so in my mind I would save $1,900.00 but not get as good of customer service as the other company sales rep told me. So here is what I did. I hired NL because the rep that I spoke with did not try to scare me, she just told me how it is and I still remember “It took you 6 years to get in to this situation we are not going to shake a wand and your out of it in 1 week, it is going to about 6-8 months” That got me thinking and it made sense. Well here we are a little over 6 months later, do you know what happened? NL stopped my garnishment from even happening, filed my last 5 tax returns and even got me some money back. They let me make monthly payments on my case while they were working on it…. In my mind if they stopped working on my case or they just didn’t call me back I would just stop paying but that never happened. I joined this company to get my taxes resolved (something that I have been trying to do forever) from the last 6 years and that is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. When I signed my final paperwork and NL called about receiving it I asked the service rep I forgot his name, why they don’t have people like myself who are happy with New Life’s service write reviews about it? He said I don’t know.. So here I am writing a review on what I believe to be a great company. Keep it up guys and hopefully more people like myself will be happy to review your company. Kudos, Daniel M.