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    136 North Grand Central Avenue #148
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    (888) 415-5177
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    Nextbook USA on YouTube 
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    8am to 5pm PST
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We commit to offering world-class designed consumer electronic products.

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    Nextbook does not stand behind their product. I have a tablet that has never worked in they refuse to fix it or refund money

    Posted on 4/1/2019

    This company has an F rating and they deserve it. I called and got customer service but it was not customer service really. They say it's too old even though it's never been used and it's brand new I have the receipt and they still won't refund or fix it. I would not buy anything from them ever again.

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  • 1 Review
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    my tablet got stuck on headphone mode a day later it got a virus and reset itself or maybe it's a game

    Posted on 4/19/2016

    Hi my name is ella-jade I'm 8 years old I'm wondering why Tablet is playing up by on headphone mode it got stuck On that mode.once I had headphones in and after that It got stuck on that stepdad tried to fix it that didn't Work and my mum can't fix it. So may be you can do something It and I put it in my case the next day it reset itself or Maybe it's my games that done it.

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  • 1 Review
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    very unsatisfied

    Posted on 1/21/2015

    I have tried for 2 days via telephone and emails to get in contact with this company this is my 3 rd next book tablet in 2 months it will not power on or charge I have the next book 10.1 modelNXW10QC32G sn YFG1014049481 I try to plug in the charger chord just falls out I've called several times only to listen to an automated system no real person and emails with no response I have had Samsung Dell Toshiba and hp every time I called I got a real person without fail these people have zero commuunication skills very unhappy I don't see how they're still in business

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