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This company's nature of business is veterinarians and pet services.

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    Discrimination and Disrespect

    Posted on 9/14/2018

    I wish I can give this place a half of a star. I been going to this clinic for 4 yrs until Sun. Kathy that work there made my dog bite her for playing with his face roughly after I told her he was upset and nervous for getting his nails cut for the first time dont play with him she didnt listen. Kathy lied to the vet wife about the incident.... She also was filling out my dog paperwork incorrectly which cause me to get his rabies shot late smh. When I sent my fiance to go in there for me this sun because of the unproffessionalism of the co workers/ Vet wife and nasty attitudes I didnt feel comfortable going in there anymore or my dog. The co worker ask my fiance are you her fiance and sd they had problems with me for a while which was a lie. My dog got scared and peed on the floor like all dogs do and this co worker started yelling at my fiance to clean up the pee because she felt some type of way about me because I checked her for being nasty over the phone. My fiance asked her why is she yelling and give him a chance to clean it up which the store cleans up for customers when the dog pee. 4 yrs going there it never was a problem until Sun. She ran to the back and the Vet wife came out yelling and fussing for no reason causing a big scene. My fiance asked her why she is yelling he's a grown man and it is very unprofessional he asked her what is her problem with him and I and she was being racist towards him. The Vet wife sd you black people
    and My fiance sd you black people what she got quiet and when the customers heard her they was in shock which didnt surprise me. Her husband which is the vet came out to tell my fiance to calm down and sd he heard what she said but thats his wife and never told her she was wrong and the co workers .....Do not go here..... ....Racism is real and people need to stop getting away with it period.... Enough is enough

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