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Posted on 5/19/2020


I ordered $40 of products which were never shipped. No response to inquiries or the request to cancel the order.

Posted on 5/14/2020


I ordered two chairs for a total of $300. After two weeks of no shipping confirmation, I called. The excuse the first time was COVID-19 and shipping was delayed, but was told I'd get a shipping conf by end of week. Week later, nothing. I call again and I notice its same lady. I tell her still haven't gotten my shipping confirmation and has been almost a month since I ordered. On the phone she says, " Our warehouse had to close and should be open in a couple days" I said, wait this is NOT what you said last week and when I first ordered, your site did not state any warehouse issues. After going back and forth a little longer with her, I said, OK, when will your warehouse be open and when will I get my order. She then said, It will open in a month....I said, wait you just said in a couple days. When I said, no, this isn't adding up. You've given me two diffrent stories just in one phone call, and last week another one, I want a refund....NOW, she says, well I can have someone call you back to see if they can refund you. I said, NO absolutely not. No company ever had to call back to refund, and to see...I said, I want to speak to someone NOW. She said she couldn't connect me and would have their supervisor call back. I'm still waiting on that call. No reliable company ever does that when it comes to a refund. They issue it and it shows back on your account in 1-3 days, but nope, not them. Instead, I immediately called bank and dispute it. Every time I have spoke to this company it has been a different excuse. UNFORTUNATELY I should have looked at reviews first, but didn't bc it seemed like a reliable site...WRONG THIS IS A SCAM. Now on the phone with bank disputing charges and hopefully getting money back.