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45000 Pechanga Parkway
Temecula, CA 92592
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(951) 240-9986

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Posted on 10/18/2019

I would love for them to stop harassing me, I'm here to enjoy and have fun

I was playing 21 alone at a table, a Michael, at the start of a new shoe shuffle. The dealer showed an 7, she gave me 17 and I wasn't satisfied because my instinct told me, I won't beat this 7 because the purpose of this game is to get nearest to 21 as possible without busting. It took me awhile to judge and decide till I made my final decision. I asked for another card, miraculously I caught a 3 totaling 20. I was so happy, than the dealer reveal her bottom card showing a 3 than she got another card which was a 10 totaling equal to 20. I was omg. I couldn't believe my surprise exactly the same thing as me. Then one weird incident occurs right after this, a supervisor or those guys from behind the dealers came to me. Told me your done for tonight, you can't play I was asked you to leave. Not exact words but pretty much he didn't allow me to play and I told him I still have chips, he said go cash them and go home. I went to the cashier wondering why I can't make personal decisions. Then after I cash in my chips, the same supervisor or man who told me to walk away. I decided to approach him because I felt I done something wrong. I told him why I can't play, he said I'm here to protect you, I asked from. He said, you hit 17, I said what's wrong with that, he said you aren't playing right. I felt I couldn't make my own decision and I must follow what he tells. Now I'm even afraid to go to Pechanga because if I play blackjack or make my own decisions, I might get kicked out.

Posted on 8/29/2019

Appreciate what I lose at the casino.

Here I go again , I.wanted a Aug. 28 So I called several days before said I did not have any available which I already know that, So I asked for a combo room all rooms book , so I called Aug. 28 morning had a room but wanted me to pay I asked that front desk ask casino host to comp. Answer (No) depends on how much you play . I spend thousands $ at Pachanga they to me to spend more money , I asked how much more , they could not give me a dollar amount, the last time I stayed I got more than 5,000 points playing in the high limit room , they always come back with 3 to 6 months of play depends on how many room nights you receive comp. before I received 6 room nights a month then they dropped me down to 3 nights comp. I asked what happened the same answer as before, asking a person to spend more money is (EXTORTION) I spend thousands in 3 to 6 months...! I called again talked to a casino host asked for a complimentary room , depending on what you spend , if you would have called earlier I would have comp. you I stated I did call earlier, ( No room ) again excuses again...! Thank you