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Posted on 7/22/2014

Planet Hospital is a SCAM

PlanetHospital is a scam and Rudy Rupak is the worst kind of person. Before you trust your money to them know that the company is currently in involuntary bankruptcy and Rudy Rupak is being investigated by the FBI for embezzlement. I put sources at the end of this review. PlanetHospital and Rudy Rupak stole more than 20k from me, you don't have to be next. My experience with PlanetHospital and Rudy Rupak were as follows: I was told the total price of my surgery was 12k USD. I was told to pay my non refundable deposit of 2k, which, after speaking to a surgeon who seemed perfectly qualified for my surgery I happily did. I was told by Rudy Rupak that this was the only payment I would make until the day before my surgery. This was bait and switch. 5 days after I paid my deposit I was contacted by Rudy that I needed to pay 5k more for some preparations that needed to be made by the hospital in the foreign country. He said his hands were tied and he convinced me that this is what was needed. During this time I was booking my travels. I was then contacted by Rudy Rupak again who said he neeed me to send another 3k because the doctor reviewed something on my test and needed to configure special equipment. I sent the money. I had now sent 10k. The day before my flight I expected contact with Rudy Rupak or someone from PlanetHospital, but no one called. I called them but only got to leave message after message. I explained how important it was that I get a call back, but no one returned my message. I arrived for my surgery and found that there was trouble. Though I had sent Rudy Rupak and PlanetHospital $10k, none of the money had been paid to the hospital. I called PlanetHospital again, furious. Finally a call back from Rudy Rupak. He told me that there was a mistake and that if I would pay for the surgery he would reimburse me when I arrived home. I was hesitant, but he convinced me and I paid. My surgery was a disaster. I had to get fixed when I returned home. Not only that but theif Rudy Rupak never reimbursed me. He is a liar and a theif. Stay away from PlanetHospital. Stay away from Rudy Rupak. More information on Rudy Rupak and PlanetHospital from reliable news sources can be found here:

Posted on 8/14/2013

Surrogacy services disorganized

Disorganized, unable to provide even basic documentation. As long as we were willing to accept excuses and half truths they were friendly. That ended as soon as we stopped being satisfied with empty promises and asked for things like the name of the company that shipped my husbands specimen. They still can't tell us. We are heartbroken that people we trusted with something so important didn't care enough to take our trust seriously.