Prime Choice Funding, Inc.

17852 East 17th Street Suite 107
Tustin, CA 92780
Phone: (714) 744-0200
Contact: Keith McKay - Owner
Company ID: 100064415

The grid below includes a brief summary of complaints and the company's response, if available. In some cases, the grid may include all complaints against the company.

Complaint and Response Summaries
Customer Complaint:

Company Response: We have provided a refund for the difference.
Customer Complaint:

Company Response: I understand that Mr. Davis is frustrated with the process of getting his financing completed but hi... Read More
Customer Complaint:

Company Response: Taking Action: Per your request
Customer Complaint: I received a handwritten note scrawled on a Prime Choice Funding notepad soliciting the sale of my i... Read More

Company Response: Confusion regarding a solicitation
Customer Complaint: Have not requested or want any correspondence sent to my address any information or in the state of ... Read More

Company Response: We are removing the consumer from our marketing list.
Customer Complaint: I have asked the owner, Keith McKay, on 2 separate occasions via email to remove me from his company... Read More

Company Response: Your request to stop mailing has been honored.
Customer Complaint: I have asked to speak to a supervisor and am still waiting. This is one of the most unprofessional... Read More

Company Response: Prime Choice Funding, Inc. did everything in it's power to meet the customer's needs and most of the... Read More