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Posted on 7/7/2020

It was a nerve wracking experience. Finding out all of the hidden truths was quite alarming.

To get the full context of how I ended up with this 100k anchor around my neck I must start off by saying I did it solely upon my wife request. Fast forward 2 yrs and I was awarded my time share in my divorce settlement. "Bullet to the brain incident." At this point I had no need for such a debt and I was furiously looking for a way out. I search online many nights while still making my payments on time so I wouldn't damage the credit that I worked to rebuild. At that time there were no pesky cold calls or bothersome text messages to my phone asking me if I wanted to get out of my Timeshare (which I later discovered was illegal and a sure sign of a scam). I then came across PMG and I must be honest it sounded like all the rest until I saw those 3 magical words: Money back guarantee. I set up a call with a counselor and she started to open my eyes to the neverending money devouring disaster that I had gotten myself into. After she finished it took me no time to weight the cost of that MBG to the life altering, financially draining Timeshare ignorant marriage I was now a part of. I signed up immediately. The updates came as I was told they would but every so often the thought of the Timeshare group not letting me out of the my contract prompted me to call with dread in my voice. Only to be assured that things were moving along as expected. Until six months later I got the email to schedule my, wait for it.........."EXIT CALL!" It was finally done,. The wait over and the weight was lifted. So ultimately I must say the wait and apprehension associatesd with this experience was worth every penny of the cost. I would like to personally thank Miriam, Maria and the entire team of professionals at Primo Management for there efforts and patience.

Posted on 5/20/2020

I did not know that companies like Primo Management Group existed

Confirming a comforting experience with Primo Management was the icing on the cake. Everything thing I was told would happen, did happen. Every question was answered and every uncomfortable thought I had was removed. The process was so simple. I cannot say enough about this team of individuals who walked me through the process. Thank you does not seem like enough.