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    Donelle Goodwin (President)
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This company provides loan modification, debt settlement, mortgage, and legal services.

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    Posted on 8/1/2014

    Pristine sent out following letter to clients july 30, 2014 essentially saying they were closing their doors and leaving clients who already paid in advance for their services stranded. The law firm they are suggesting will charge these clients all over again to finish their loan modification applications...if Pristine was a scam, why would clients want a referral from them???? No mention in letter about refunds for services NOT rendered. Suspect there will be lawsuits all over the place against this company....Here's letter...."Dear (Client), This letter is to inform you that Pristine Loss Mitigation (Pristine) has requested SCC Law Group to engage with your case file, due to the unfortunate situation that Attorney Thomas J. Parrott has separated himself from Pristine. As you may know, the state of California regulates the loan modification business and allows attorneys to engage clients who need mortgage assistance under the SB94 law. Due to the departure of Attorney Thomas J. Parrott, Pristine cannot continue to work on cases and needs to close its door. This letter is being written to advise you of that fact, and to assure you that your file may still being processed in an effort to achieve your desired results. SCC Law Group has the means to offer litigation and a wide range of legal services. SCC Law is familiar with and experienced in the procedures and programs related to loan modification and mortgage relief which is available for California homeowners. It has a dedicated staff readily available to help with all your legal needs, including, but not limited to, debt issues, criminal, family, immigration, and bankruptcy law. SCC Law Group will be reviewing your case file to determine if the steps which have been taken were the only option available for you; or, if there may be other and better options which will allow a more expeditious and successful result. In order to conduct these reviews efficiently, SCC Law Group has asked that all Clients call their office and set up a face to face, Skype or phone conference to discuss your case file in depth at NO COST. We urge you to set up an appointment as soon as possible so that our office can gather all documents pertaining to your file and assist with answering your questions to give us the opportunity to serve you better. Notwithstanding the above, if you believe there is a problem or concern with your case, please do not hesitate to contact SCC Law Group’s office. Pristine has taken pride in its work. It would like you to know that its staff has worked diligently on your file to ensure the best possible results. SCC Law Group will now be able to offer you even more resources and options than Pristine had available to you. A direct engagement with SCC Law Group will be required. It has been a pleasure working with you. Pristine will continue to help and work with SCC Law Group to finalize and finish any and all work still needed on your file. The Pristine staff thanks you for your business. Please remember to contact SCC Law Group as soon as possible for your case file review. Its contact information is: SCC LAW GROUP 2280 WARDLOW CIRCLE, SUITE 255 CORONA, CA. 92880 WWW.SCCLAWGROUP.COM (951)280-1313 Thank You, Pristine Loss Mitigation"

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  • 1 Review
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    Posted on 4/30/2014

    I got a notice in the mail stating they can lower the interest rate. I called and they had me send in all my info. I then had to send a large sum of money ( equal to a refinance cost) in order to continue. I had previous experience in working with Citi and got declined so I thought these guys could make a difference. Once Pristine received the money, I received papers from Citi, my bank. Filled everything out AGAIN and was feeling suspicious already about Pristine. Continued working with Citi, they were VERY EASY to work with and got declined again for a modification. I was shocked and asked my Citi Bank manager of my account why and how could Pristine promise a lower interest rate and possible lower loan amount. Citi said nobody knows until the computer analyses and creates the decision. I called Pristine and told my account manager that I was declined from Citi and she needed to call to find out what their decision was for herself. I was called back by Pristine that I was declined. I was LIVID! I was the one that did all the work, got the information my self and told Pristine myself I was declined and still had to pay them for all of my work. STAY AWAY FROM PRISTINE!!! or anyone for that matter promising a restructuring of any loan. Go to the bank directly, they are the only ones that know for sure.

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