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Prowest Roofing LLC complaints

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Laguna Hills, CA 92653
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Our complaint history for this company shows that while the company did respond to the one complaint brought to the company’s attention, the response did not address the complainant’s allegations.

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1 complaints against Prowest Roofing LLC closed in last 3 years.
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1 complaints against Prowest Roofing LLC

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RESPONSE: Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement Amount in Dispute: $0.00 Amount Settled: $0.00

Customer Complaint


After months of MANY issues and terrible communication around work completed by ProWest, LLC we feel like we have nowhere to turn internally with their company any longer. At every step of each issue, the fault was never taken on the part of the company. They recently stated they feel they have gone "above and beyond" for us. This is incredibly disturbing seeing we are STILL finding issues. Currently, our attic won't open because of their poor planning and consulting (the new fascia covers our opening). Moreover, our attic is destroyed because of the mess left after a roof install. Zero precautions were taken and we are going to need to hire professional cleaners for safety. We are beyond frustrated with the customer service, craftsmanship, and professionalism. The company's CEO has refused to work with us as we continue to find issues with their work. Further, our last interaction was her hanging up on us stating to go to the ROC. They did offer to "go above and beyond" to notch our fascia which was not a solution in our eyes. In full transparency, they did issue a $400 check back to us to "help" with the issues after an almost $25,000 bill. They blamed us for the fascia saying we requested the size. This is in fact false., They ordered larger fascia to replace the initial newly installed fascia because of the awful initial craftmanship. It was their solution to ensure rafters were covered. Resolution Sought We would like to have our attic professionally cleaned and the current attic door to be revised to be able to fully open. They already had to replace our gutters because they were destroyed when being taken off to replace the roof. We do not want a break in the facia as it is a space that can be visibly seen by the street. Attics are norm in Central phx and NONE of the professionals ever even thought twice that it could cause an issue which is mind bobbling.

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Company Response


We have made many attempts to rectify the homeowner's issues. Every time we think we resolve their issue they come up with something new. At this point in time we are waiting for an ROC investigation. Once that happens we will gladly do whatever the AZ ROC deems necessary.

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Customer Rebuttal


I don't believe the COO, Katie Porter, completely understood what a terrible job was done initially nor the awful communication provided by the site manager who sought us out for the roof replacement. We just watched a home (who the sales manager has family living in) down our street take four days for the roof to be replaced. This is a home that is the same smaller than ours and that did not have the fascia replaced. Ours literally took them 9 hours. You can imagine there are many issues that now keep arising from the poor craftsmanship and lack of attention to detail. Many many mistakes were made that we felt like we were not taken care of professionally. Being an owner with zero experience of industry standards, we came to find out that many of the details we noted in our concerns were not taken seriously. As I have said to her before, this is an absolute nightmare on our part. We do have a scheduled inspection w/ the ROC and have been in communication with them. We will also absolutely continue to fight for mistakes that are uncovered as time moves forward. We will not settle for sub-par work of odd work arounds to save them money.

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