Public Grant Research Center

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Public Grant Research Center sells government grant services for an upfront fee.

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    My experience not too bad

    Posted on 8/13/2014

    My understanding is this company gives out Business grants to start a mail order business, and thats what I got. I was looking for financial help to start a information marketing business, so this appealed to me. They state in their material they are NOT a Government agency but a private company. I received my information 21 days after my order was placed. I started to market the materials sent to me in my package. I used their name list and I began to see some results after 30 days. My only complaint is the amount of time i believe it will take to utilize the full amount of my grant because i dont haver the money to advertise alot. The reason I saw this site is...Yesterday I received an email from PGRC stating they are discontinuing their program, they will honor current grant holders drop ship requirements and also honor their refund policy. This sounds to me like they are trying to do the right thing. so im surprised to read the negative comments and thought i would add my experience thanks

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