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Recording Radio Film Connection & Casa Schools complaints

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1 complaints against Recording Radio Film Connection & Casa Schools closed in last 3 years.
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0 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
0 Making a partial refund
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1 Refusing to make an adjustment
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1 complaints against Recording Radio Film Connection & Casa Schools

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RESPONSE: Refusing to make an adjustment Amount in Dispute: $2,245.00 Amount Settled: $0.00

Customer Complaint


When I signed up for classes I was told I would have access to studio with my mentor whenever I needed. I have a full time job so I stressed this to my mentor and my first student advisor. I would only be able to get in the studio on the weekend. The salesman told me whatever I wanted to here to get my money. My first 3 classes were on Thursday, I had to take off work early just get in the studio for 3 hrs. Because this is the day that everyone meet on. I missed 3 classes after this because of scheduling . I told my mentor and student advisor that I won't be able to come during the week. By this time I am tired of the back and forth so o withdraw from the program. This program is nothing like the way they present it to be. Student advisor tell me I owe 600 dollars for only 3 classes. I will not be paying these scam artist. I paid 2000 dollars down and made one payment of 245 dollars. I don't expect to get a full refund, but they need to give me half of my money back. Resolution Sought Refund me half my money.

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Company Response


We are here to help and will address this with you direct. Please call our Institutional Director Stacie Director next Thursday (after the holiday) at 310 456-9623 and we will work with you.

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Customer Rebuttal


I called recording connection Dec. 27, 2018 at 5:00 and asked for stacie and receptionist said she was on the phone can she take a message. I gave her my name and she said she will get back to. I haven't heard from stacie.I f this company is does not want to talk to me about refunding me my money we have nothing else to talk about.

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Company Final Response


We are here to help Brayon. We have attempted and have on record over 30 attempts to reach him by both phone and email. Everyone wants to help him and sees great potential in him but he refuses to apply himself. While we are empathetic to Brayon's own frustrations it is unfair to blame the school. We have documented all of the following: 1.) Brayon signed up with us on a scholarship which means he paid a reduced amount. 2.) We have to date offered him 5 lessons and 5 remote sessions for a total of 10 private lessons. 3.) Because of his own busy schedule, we offered to train him on weekends, around his job. 4.) His mentor/teacher has also reached out to him multiple times to get him scheduled but Brayon unfortunately still will not apply himself and return either the teacher's or the school's calls. 5.) Brayon has defaulted on his payment obligations. 6.) Please note: We are willing to cancel his Scholarship loan and take a loss. In other words we are willing to forgive the debt. We are following our refund policy and all applicable laws. Both his mentor and his Academic Facilitator like Brayon and see great potential in him.

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