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1 complaints against Regal Assets, LLC closed in last 3 years.
Complaints Type of response
1 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
0 Making a partial refund
0 Agreed to make an adjustment
0 Refusing to make an adjustment
0 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
0 Unanswered

1 complaints against Regal Assets, LLC

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RESPONSE: Making a full refund, as the consumer requested Amount in Dispute: $75,000.00 Amount Settled: $75,000.00

Customer Complaint


Regal Assets has been wholly Deceitful and Criminal in their behavior with respect to a $75,000 cash investment I made in precious metals. This purchase order was placed 6/3/21. The purchase order, #2305121, promised delivery of metals in 3 weeks. It has now been 15 weeks and no metals have been delivered. All of my attempts to follow-up on status have been met with lies; including their President, Leah Donoso, generating fake UPS tracking #'s on 8/3/21 that never shipped to this very day (still just labels created). I haven't received any response from Ms. Donoso since 8/9/21 wherein she asked for the wiring instructions to my BofA account to refund the entire investment. Absolutely Nothing has happened since. No response, No money refunded, Just deceit. I had also placed a purchase order a week before the above cash purchase, it was to rollover $75k in IRA funds for precious metals. Fortunately, I was able to freeze that account when Regal Assets failed to deliver anything but lies. There is no way I would do any business with them after all their deceit. Resolution Sought I want a full refund of my cash investment of $75,000 wired directly back to my savings account. I want Regal Assets to fulfill their promise to pay any and all Kingdom Trust and Brinks account charges. We part ways.

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Company Response


Per Consumer: I want to thank you verrry much. I received correspondence from Ms. Donoso yesterday evening indicating she was transferring the funds back to me. I have just logged onto my bank account and confirmed the entire amount of $75,000 has been returned as requested. Very grateful for you help.

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Customer Rebuttal


The refund requested was issued and I just now have confirmed it is in my bank account. Complaint closed from my perspective, with gratitude for your help BCA

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