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Posted on 11/5/2021

A very bad experience

I had a very bad experience with Regal Certified Carpet Care. The price was about $100 more than I was told. The carpet was not stained or very dirty The carpet had a terrible smell and I could not sleep in my room for over a week I called in a restoration company and they told me I need to have the carpet cleaned again. Alfredo did it even though he denied that it smelled. The second cleaning removed the oder that was there, but the cleaning left me with a extremely wet closet. After 8 very wet towels would not help I got a shop vac and removed over a quart of water. I have worked over nine hours on this. I am still using a heater and have had to remove part of the carpet in the closet. It has been over 4 days and it is still not all dry. Alfredo refused to come back and remove the water He said he did not use water. Of course we all know that steam is water. I have been working on this problem for days. I am 88 years old and have arthritis and a very bad back This has been an extremely bad experience for me I still have not been able to sleep in my room as I have to leave all the windows and doors open to help the room dry. Regal has not been helpful in this matter and Alfredo said he never wanted to see my face again. I have been very polite to the Company. I definitely would not recommend Regal Carpet Care.

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Posted on 11/4/2016

I have used their service for many years. They are coming out next week again.

Certified Carpet Care finished the job to my expectations. The technicians were very courteous. It is a great service. Russ your worker, does a thorough job every time and he is polite and prompt. He is hard working. I have used their service for many years. They are coming out next week again. Of course, I would recommend them.