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We provide investing in fractional life settlements services. We are introducing a brand new class of investments never before available to individuals that can maximize profit without the risks of the stock market.

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At Reliant Life Shares, we believe what sets us apart from the rest is having the most desirable polices available for our investors. A desirable policy could be a large face amount with low annual premiums, or it could be a policy with a very low Life Expectancy. It could also be a policy that is...

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    What you need to know about Reliant

    Posted on 5/15/2019

    If you find this copy it quickly they take down negative w/I days.
    You may told that premiums are escrowed for a full year beyond the expected lifeshare maturity. They will intimateif notoutrigbt state that the insured is highly vetted for their condition, when in fact they are likely dumped into a statistical actuarial pool, which makes the rosy maturity period virtually meaningless.
    You must pay your contract’s portion of the premium and may have to do so for years all the way up to your investment being worthless. They will not let you pay it out of anticipated earnings at a maturity that never really comes. The policies are written such that Reliant makes money, their insurance co’s make money, the insured makes out like a bandit, their custodial fried at UMBank make bank, and their collection toadies at Boomerang are covered. Only exposure is to you, the investor which makes all their jobs possible. None of this is obvious in their propaganda, they make it looks like you will likely double your money in 5 years. Hah!

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