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    Mark Photoglou (Director)
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Rescue One Financial provides financial services specializing in debt relief services.

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About Rescue One Financial

Rescue One Financial is dedicated to helping struggling consumers negotiate fair settlements, meet current debt obligations, understand what got them in financial trouble in the first place, and learn how to avoid debt in the future.

Rescue One Financial is dedicated to helping business owner...

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    Linda Davis at Rescue One Financial is amazing

    Posted on 9/29/2019

    My husband and I heard a commercial on the radio and decided to call Rescue One Financial. Linda Davis looked into our financial situation to see how she could help. She led us to our starting line to become debt free. Because of Linda's hard work and dedication, my husband and I are now debt free. We are so thankful for Linda and Rescue One Financial.

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  • 1 Review
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    Rescue One to the Rescue!

    Posted on 9/22/2016

    I suddenly found myself overwhelmed with credit cards and personal loans and needed help. At first I thought about getting another loan to consolidate my bills was the answer, but clearly that was just going to add one more bill for me to pay. Instead, my account manager, Linda told me about a repayment program. I was still able to keep some accounts open but able to take the burden off of myself by allowing them to negotiate with my creditors to reduce the highest balances. I thought it was going to take several months before they can begin the negotiation process, but less than a week after I signed up with the debt repayment program, they were already able to negotiate with one of my creditors for 50 of what I owe. There was little paperwork on my part and everything moved fairly quickly from our initial conversation. I have excellent payment record,but the only thing hurting my credit score was my debt ratio. By negotiating the balance down, they can help me pay down my balances within three years or less and raise my credit score.

    Thank you Linda and Rescue One! You really came to the rescue!!!

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  • 1 Review
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    Rescue1 Financial is truly awesome!

    Posted on 9/9/2016

    My husband and I signed on with Rescue1 barely a month ago, and already we are seeing amazing results from this
    group. We are so blessed to have signed on with these amazing folks to pursue our Debt free status. Christa Lester
    is our representative and we could not have asked for a more attentive and involved rep to answer our questions and
    help with the steps in this program.
    We are so happy with all that is already happening and not to mention we are already ahead time wise in this program they
    have constructed just for us to help us obtain our financial goals. We couldn't be happier and are looking forward to working
    with such dedicated folks in the coming days.

    Thank you Rescue1 Financial.

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