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    5318 East 2nd Street, Suite 377
    Long Beach, CA 90803
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    (714) 643-8518
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    Monday to Friday: 10am - 3pm

    Saturday & Sunday: Closed
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    Customer Service
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    N/A provides the sale of rims.

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    Don’t shop here

    Posted on 4/25/2018

    I called two different numbers and left messages but never got a respond back. When I first made the order I emailed two days later and see when my order will be shipped out and actually got a response saying shorty. Now it’s been a week from that day and I have sent emails and haven’t gotten no response and tried calling- leaving messages and no response. The only reason I went with this company was because velocity were out of stock. Rim center has a bad rating overall. So before you buy from this company try other ones.

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  • 1 Review
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    Would give 0 stars if it would let me! Worst online experience ever!

    Posted on 4/20/2017

    DO NOT order from this company. I ordered 4 of the exact same rim center caps. I received 3 center caps, all 3 were different. The 4th never shipped and my order showed it was complete. Of the 3 I received, 1 was correct the other 2 completely wrong. I called and left messages multiple times to have someone call me. I heard nothing. The only time I heard from them was in an email when I asked for a return #, which is their policy in order to return the incorrect items. And they had the nerve to ask me to send them money for shipping me some new ones, when it plainly states in their policy that if it was their fault, the customer is not responsible. After returning them on my own dime, I heard nothing after multiple phone calls and emails. I ultimately had to get my credit card company involved to do a chargeback, and the next day they reimbursed me for the 1 they never sent and the 2 incorrect items.

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