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8330 Indiana Avenue
Riverside, CA 92504
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(951) 688-9420

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Posted on 11/1/2015

John Hawkins little man Big ego. Bigger joke

John Hawkins little man with little practical knowledge of the automotive retail business . But does like to hear himself talk. A joke of a figure head installed by the doctor cousins. The true money men of the group .

Posted on 6/23/2015

BE CAREFUL dealing with theses guys... or be a Lawyer

**BE CAREFUL** dealing with these guys. Misrepresentation is common here. In 2013 I leased a new Jetta from them. Fairly high pressure as far as paperwork and financing went. Then, 2+ years later, as I'm trying to turn this lease back in, I find out I have been *FLAT LIED TO* by Jesse C., Joe R. the Finance Manager, and at least one other guy about fees and costs at lease termination, to the tune of over $7900.00 in fees, even though the car has been independently inspected at the VW dealer where I now live, and has absolutely no damage or excessive wear. Now, I know I'm no lawyer, so I, and my friend that was present during the sale, asked several times, in different ways, what were the termination costs or fees associated, or any other possible dollar amounts I would be responsible for if I turned the lease in early or on time, because I knew I wouldn't be able to figure out their legal jargon in the contract fine print. I was assured there were no other or hidden fees, by both Jesse C. and Joe R., but obviously there were. The other "nice" thing Jesse promised (regular car washes since they convinced me to get a black car, which I didn't want since I live on a ranch, but it was the last one they had from the previous stock so they really wanted to get it sold) disappeared after I drove off the lot, as he became impossible to get a hold of whenever I needed him after the sale. These guys are NOT the good guys, unfortunately. They work on commission (some dealerships don't) and it really reflects in the way you are treated and lack of responsibility, before and after they get your money. Check out their BBB rating and reviews on several other sites. These guys have a record of questionable dealings. I wish I would have looked into that before going to them. Now, it's my own fault for dealing with them and believing what they told me... and not being a Lawyer, I guess. This dealership gets 1 Star because the service department is easy and timely to deal with, otherwise I would have liked to give 0 Stars due to the misrepresentation and fraud I experienced with the Sales and Financing department.