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15480 Laguna Canyon Road Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618
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Posted on 2/15/2021

I didn't think a financial institution could be this bad...

I can't imagine a more horrible experience than using Rushmore Loan Management Services. My HELOC was transferred to them, I subsequently used my HELOC balance through Rushmore, and then started paying off in sizeable amounts. One month's payment was late by several weeks, due to my not knowing payment wasn't scheduled in their system. Because of the lateness, they suspended my ability to use the account for A YEAR! They said they sent me a letter, but I don't recall ever seeing. I went to use the funds again recently to transfer money to my primary bank and the check bounced due to the account suspension, with my primary bank threatening to close my account over the bounced check. The check had already cleared my bank and I moved some funds around, which created the need to move funds from elsewhere before I was in a major jam. Their website is horrible, they have no ability to transfer funds through their online portal (only by check), and they overdrew on my payments and had to refund me a significant amount. DO NOT USE THIS INSTITUTION!

Posted on 10/20/2020

Needs to improve their customer service and internal processing procedures

While many are having difficult times paying their bills; I am fortunate to be making additional payments towards my mortgage. The reason for this letter is to express my deeply felt frustration with the handling of these extra payments to your loan management services team members. It seems each month I have to place a phone call to have my additional payments correctly applied. This is not acceptable and there really needs to be a better system in place. What is more frustrating is the path to even reach an individual that is able to review and address the issue. Nobody should have to spend 30 minutes reviewing their payment only to be told we are trying to correct this; please check back on line tomorrow. With the entire world working remotely you may want to review the processes in place for a smoother ride into the future. I did not choose to have my mortgage with Rushmore and I certainly would not recommend any of my friends or family. There is something to be said about working with your local banks in your community. Improve upon their customer service and internal processing procedures.