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15480 Laguna Canyon Road Suite 100
Irvine, CA 92618
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Posted on 5/14/2019

The CEO allowed his loan officer to take my house after 29 years.

Terry l. Smith chief executive officer if Rushmore Loan allowed his loan officer to take my house after 29 years because of my disability and his high interest rate of 10. They are scammers.

Posted on 4/9/2019

Rushmore is in the business of false claims.

These folks are nothing more than bottom feeders who file foreclosure cases with false claims. This company is the moving party in many foreclosure cases, not the trust or trustee that is named along with some Rushmore trust like RMAC-CTT-2016. Many loans never make it into the trust like Rushmore claims. Do not believe any court filings from this pretender. Challenge all of the pleadings, make them show how loan traveled from inception into the alleged trust. They also hire foreclosure hack attorneys who only know how to lie by omission or fact. Once you challenge Rushmore with Discovery then old attorneys quit and new ones come on board.

You can beat foreclosure if Rushmore is involved because Rushmore ONLY deals in bad loans, bad transfers, bad claims of alleged ownership.
Rushmore bought non-performing loans from Freddie Mac and are pretending Freddie Mac WAS NEVER in the chain of title. They lie about this ALL THE TIME.

Know you are dealing with a well oiled continuing crime entity. USE DISCOVERY ON THEM, THEY HATE IT.