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SailboatStuff, LLC. has been providing the retail sale of marine hardware and accessories since 2002!

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SailboatStuff offers a large selection of sailboat parts, marine parts, marine hardware and marine accessories including those hard to find items. We are constantly adding new marine parts to our inventory and hope you will visit us often.

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    Do not recommend

    Posted on 8/28/2014

    I order a simple dock product and paid extra for two day delivery. No show, and no warning it would not show up on time. I called 10 times and emailed over 10 times over the course of a two day period and got no response from this company..... absolutely no response from their phone number (mail box was full ultimately) and none from the two email options (orders and support). If you think about it, what kind of commercial company does not have a toll free number to contact support? That should have been my warning.

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