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    Tucson, AZ 85711
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This company's business is thrift shops.

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    I worked in the public for years and never talked to a customer like that!

    Posted on 6/13/2018

    I have been a customer of Savers for more than 5 yrs and bought and donated various things over the years. As a widow, I read a lot and have bought hundreds of books and re-donated them once read. Today, in Tucson, AZ , store # 1051, I bought 10 paperback books, buy 4 Harlequin/Silouette, get one free. Been doing this for many years, carefully only buying only those publishers. The checkout person today was looking carefully at the back of the books and separated 3 out, saying they didn't qualify because the price of the books was higher. I questioned what she was doing, since I have bought these books for years, since they actually sold for 2/99 cents and the fifth one free when I started. I am a senior citzen, widowed and don't watch TV, and this is my entertainment. The checker was snippy, saying she would allow it THIS time. Her name was Debbie and even though she was an older checker, I thought it was unwarranted. I worked in the public for years and never talked to a customer like that! I will continue to shop there but will go to any other checker-not her. Just thought someone should know.

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