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Our records indicate the company failed to respond to the one complaint brought to its attention.

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1 complaints against SBC Smart Yellow Pages closed in last 3 years.
Complaints Type of response
0 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
0 Making a partial refund
0 Agreed to make an adjustment
0 Refusing to make an adjustment
0 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
1 Unanswered

1 complaints against SBC Smart Yellow Pages

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RESPONSE: Complaint was not answered Amount in Dispute: Amount Settled: $0.00

Customer Complaint


Consumer alleges your company renewed his contract after he requested cancellation. His contract was up for renewal in November 2018. He contacted you to inform he was not interested in renewing. You contacted him regarding the renewal. He verbally told you during two phone conversations that he was not interested in renewing. He thought the matter was done. In February 2019 he received an invoice for services as you renewed his contract without his consent. He contacted you in February to dispute the bill as he did not request it. You have continued to call him requesting payment, each time he has informed he will not pay it as he did not request the services. Resolution Sought Consumer seeking for company to close account with a zero balance as he requested cancellation in November 2018 and did not authorize the renewal.

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