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1 complaints against SCA Appraisal Company closed in last 3 years.
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1 complaints against SCA Appraisal Company

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RESPONSE: Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement Amount in Dispute: $2,000.00 Amount Settled: $2,000.00

Customer Complaint


The appraiser sent to view my Hurricane damaged car lied in his report to the insurance company, according to the State Farm Rep. Saying that water in my electronics module was from long term damage is impossible as the car can not be driven in such a condition. When the car was given to the garage the module was actually wet! The appraiser quoted garage employees saying fabricated lies. Perhaps he gets paid on rejected claims?! Resolution Sought Pay the damages they caused by the insurance company not covering my auto repair

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Company Response


Thank you for the opportunity to respond with the Business Consumer Alliance. SCA takes great pride in being able to provide our insurance clients with the information they require to accurately access claims and provide coverage in line with their policy. Based on the information provided, the carrier completed a review with the appraiser who completed the inspection and apparently made a coverage decision based on their policy and the findings. The appraiser took 34 images of the vehicle which included exterior, interior and specific photos of the battery and fuse block area. The appraiser stated that in his discussion with the shop, they did not convey to him that damage was as a result of wind driven rain. At the time of the inspection, the fuse panel was dry and observations were noted related to prior work and cracks in the fuse panel. As SCA does not make coverage decisions, the estimate, images and notes were provided to the carrier who made the final decision related to coverage. To all accounts, it appears a thorough inspection of the vehicle was completed.

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Customer Rebuttal


The appraiser may have spoken to someone in a shop but not the repair shop that had my vehicle. The Electronics Module was wet when I brought it into the shop. Is it my error that your appraiser did not examine my vehicle for almost a week? The type of damage that was sustained could only be from the Module getting wet and it was quite obvious. After electronics dry, there is usually residue and some corrosion which was evident on inspection. It is impossible to drive any car with the Electronics module wet or in that state. To say that it was from prior damage would have been possible if my auto was delivered from Toronto (where it was the week before and was fully examined by a licensed mechanic) and not driven. It is in the realm of absurdity to think a car in that state could be driven. SCA may not make the decisions, but according to State Farm - it was their findings that caused my to to have my auto insured for the damages and make it extremely difficult to drive home. SCA may try to back out of their responsibility but having incompetence is unforgivable. Being a Franchise business - - its a shame they can not control this.

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Company Final Response


SCA continues to be appreciative of the opportunity to respond to this compliant. As was noted prior with the Better Business Bureau and now with the Business Consumer Alliance, SCA provided the information to State Farm based on the inspection of the vehicle and discussion with the shop. As State Farm is the carrier, they ultimately make the decision to extend coverage. If they are in disagreement with the findings of SCA or the Independent Appraiser who inspected the vehicle, they have every right to complete additional investigation into the damages. At this time, it appears that State Farm has made their decision based on their investigation of the loss details and information provided.

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