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    PO Box 100255
    Columbia, SC 29202
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    (800) 251-7234
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    Sam Dozier (VP, Customer Service)
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This company's business is an electric company

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    Stalking me near my address

    Posted on 7/10/2019

    I would like to file complaint against Domain energy SCE&G for staking me near my address. It was in my car driving I meant up with the Domain energy with SCE&G white truck with Domain energy name written in the truck the white guy in Domain energy truck slow up near my drive way in the I wait until he drive up so I can make my turn to my property. he was looking toward my property .and driving slow near my address areas. I heard the truck park down the what I did I went to my mailbox he was park on the left side not to far from this gate. It was right the the street from I came back from the mailbox and came in my yard. He came park on the left left right across my house and park looking over my property. I did took some picture of the white truck I feel that I was not violating no kind of law of pulling any electric from my motorhome are my car I feel that I not doing no kind of wrong doing on my property for Domain energy to come near my areas on driving slow toward my property. When I was in my yard if anyone told the Domain energy any lie to make this guy come out to my address Near my address stalking me of something I am not doing wrongful .I feel that the gut should be fired from his job and the other person should be doubtful for charges. I would like the company to fired this guy because he did not had any call to come near my address

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