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Posted on 10/24/2017

5 Stars

Planning Today for Success Tomorrow" is a perfect resource guide for students and parents, who need to know the "nuts and bolts" for identifying a major and planning for a real life career. It's a nice workbook guide for middle and high school students. The information is relevant for job seekers preparing for entry into the job market.

Posted on 10/24/2017

Planning For Tomorrow's Success Is An Essential Foundation

Thanks very much, Dr. McCutcheon, for the life road map found in "Planning Today For Success Tomorrow". This book is a tool I recommend for each and every young adult in America, to provide foundational preparation and success-thinking for a productive life. The Life and Career Plan and the Career Marketing Action Plan are two tools worth the investment of the book. These tools would have been a tremendous help to me in my own life journey for making the correct decisions at the right time. The best thing about this book is that parents and schools are encouraged to become stakeholders in the success of a young person's life. This book is an excellent guide and resource.Thanks very much, Dr. McCutcheon, for the life road map.

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