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Sheri's Ranch is a brothel in the state of Nevada.

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    I did not receive any of the services I paid for

    Posted on 10/10/2018

    I went to Sheri's Ranch on 9/8 with my husband. This trip was for me, my husband was there for moral support. He was present for the entire event. I was introduced to "Rebel" who explained to my husband and myself, at the bar, that "she does not like going to her room" and that I should get a 3 hour (3k) bungalow. She promised she would take care of everything (after all she's the pro!) She even pinky-promised I would have a "blast". I pay the $3000 and she orders up "everything on the room service menu". She ordered room service twice even though I did not eat or drink anything. Wasted an hour waiting for her to eat. I suggested we go to the tub. She did not want to do anything in the tub so after about 20 minutes soaking I got out of the tub, disappointed. She then went back to the table to eat some more and order RS for the 2nd time. My husband even asked her "Do they feed you?!" Keep in mind it takes 20 minutes for RS to arrive @ 2x that's 40 minutes right there!! (She wanted to order RS for a 3rd time and we said "NO!") I spent 10 minutes on the bed with her and I had to ask her to stop, zero experience with women. It was about an hour before my time was up and I was in tears. We then decided to leave, 40 minutes early. (yes, I even helped her clean up all the goodies she would get to take back to her room on my dime). We were approached at the exit door by the manager who asked how things were. I was crying too hard to answer so I said "fine" and walked out the door. The exchange lasted less than 30 seconds. The next day I contacted Sheri's to report the problems I had. For 3 weeks I was promised, by several managers, (Aaron and Jonathan) that there would be a resolution and to just be patient with them. Then they just ignored my calls and emails. I even tried to leave an HONEST review (3x) of Rebel on their site, but it never was posted. I got so screwed a Sheri's Ranch and it wasn't any fun at all. There was a contact email for the owner, Me.Lee. I sent him two emails and I did not receive a reply.

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