State Trust Legal, Inc.

2082 Michelson Drive #100
Irvine, CA 92612
Phone: (800) 965-9545
Contact: Lee Alan Gross - Founder/Owner/Attorney
Company ID: 100126407

The grid below includes a brief summary of complaints and the company's response, if available. In some cases, the grid may include all complaints against the company.

Complaint and Response Summaries
Customer Complaint: Paid this company $5400 to deal with my two mortgages and obtain modifications on them as I was behi... Read More

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: Received in the mail a letter for a chance to refinance from 2-3%. Told this was remodification by F... Read More

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: I put my trust and more importantly the only money I had saved up after going through a divorce and... Read More

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: they did not represent me with my mortgage company. I closed the application process myself.

Company Response: We have complied with the scope of services we were retained for. Homeowner declined the loan modifi... Read More
Customer Complaint: They took care of my first lender. Then my second lender they might have glanced at it.

Company Response: