Stearns Lending, LLC

4 Hutton Centre Drive, 10th floor
Santa Ana, CA 92707
Phone: (714) 513-7777
Contact: Katheryn Le - President
Company ID: 13035938

The grid below includes a brief summary of complaints and the company's response, if available. In some cases, the grid may include all complaints against the company.

Complaint and Response Summaries
Customer Complaint: My LTV is calculated by Stearns lending incorrectly. The value of my house as listed by Stearns lend... Read More

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: We assumed this was for taxes since it seemed to match our tax bill amount

Company Response: Thank you. We will investigate and respond to the borrower directly.
Customer Complaint: Have not refunded an extra mortgage payment

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: I set up electronic payment via Chase Bank and made a payment last month however the payment went t... Read More

Company Response: Consumer has been contacted regarding this issue and it has been determined the payment error was ma... Read More
Customer Complaint: Sterns lending refuses to waive the fee due to human error.

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: Calling my employment at least 4 to 5 times a day every day!

Company Response: The consumer's phone number has been removed.
Customer Complaint: My mortgage was sold to Stearns Lending/Loan Care. I received a call from a debt collector stating ... Read More

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: I’ve tried numerous times to get this issue resolved. Stearns Lending has an error in the paperwor... Read More

Company Response: The tax lines were corrected to reflect the correct parcel number in the servicing system-a payment ... Read More
Customer Complaint: Your website and automated payment systems do not allow me to post a payment without also including ... Read More

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: LoanCare/Stearns Lending’s practice is to deposit and retain hazard insurance proceeds intended for ... Read More

Company Response: Due to privacy concerns, Stearns has responded directly to Consumer on September 16, 2014.
Customer Complaint: Equity Accelerator Program and one time payment system are two different payment systems.

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: Poor customer service, transferred to numerous people and finally after 1 hour and 22 minutes was hu... Read More

Company Response: