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    458 North Altadena Drive
    Pasadena, CA 91107
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    (626) 449-8818
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This company's business is fast food restaurants.

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    Their business to me is zero star. You will not mistreat me and think its okay. It's not.

    Posted on 7/11/2018

    Young Asian man very rude to Africa Americans woman. I placed two orders, the Asian guy wanted to know if he could charge the same card. I said yes. He kept repeatedly asking about four to times. I kept repeatedly answering yes four to five times. Getting anno I ask what part of yes do you not understand. He said that he couldn't hear me with a lot of sarcasm. So while waiting for our drinks, I went to the window to retrieve them they were just sitting on the counter in the heat. After I went back and sat down he puts the drinks to the outside counter without saying anything. More time drinks getting more hotter while still waiting on the food. So I say to him that he's very inconsiderate by leaving our drinks in the heat that long. He still acting crazy, so i told him that i was going to report him to the health department. He responded back very quickly to my comment about he would give me the phone number to the health department and did I still want my food. I told him yes I wanted my food, I need to eat. Then he kept blabbing on only to let me know he was being a racist. I stop responding. He then asked if i wanted ketup, i said no. He literally took the ketup so that I could not get my own ketup. The ketup bottle and suraci bottle literally stay on the outside counter. He let me know that he was attacking me being a racist towards me. He didn't do that to anyone else that was there at that time. I shocked and confused because a African Americans support that business.

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