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Posted on 12/14/2020

no help with problem with goods

I bought several swords from this shop, but unfortunately I have problem with one from order - there are two black smudges on the red scabbard. It is something in a color and there is no way how to clean it. So it can't be used as a decoration and at all it doesn't look good. Another problem is that sword can't hold tightly inside scabbard. When I lift the sword up, the scabbard fall down only by it's weight or even small shake release it from the sword. I tried to contact the store and ask for any help several times by email or contact form, but it was more than three weeks and still no answer.... It is a shame. I made bigger order and the rest of the swords were ok and I was satisfied, but this attitude in communication keeps me away from making another order from this shop.

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SwordNArmory, Mastiff Outdoor, and Medieval Gears are online retailers of custom collection Medievel, Martial Arts and Military knives, swords, armor, tactical gear, and accessories.

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Business Started: 1/27/2006

Visit,, and to check our variety of colllectibles. We cater to every buyer interested in our Medievel, Martial Arts, and Military products including Japanese style swords, fantasy swords and daggers, functional training gear, tactical armory, and much, much more! Perhaps you are looking for a low-end wall hanger sword? We have huge selection of 440 Stainless decorative swords at an unbelievable price. Maybe you are the backyard cutter looking for a low price beater sword? You're in luck! Not only do we have an comprehensive collection of low priced, battle-ready, handmade swords, and we also offer sub $200 1095 (T10) Katanas with a real clay hamon. Serious sword practitioners will also find everything they need. Whether you are looking for a true Tamahagne Shinken, a Kobuse laminated sword, or a San Mai laminated blade, we have them all! You can also check out our collection of Paul Chen CAS Hanwei swords. We also offer Tameshigiri mats and stands as well as sword sharpening kits and cleaning supplies. If you still cannot find a sword that fits you, then we can custom forge a sword for you to your specifications with a wide variety of fittings.

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