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2002 East McFadden, Suite 150
Santa Ana, CA 92705
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Monday - Friday: 7 am - 6 pm
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Posted on 7/10/2020

Just warn people to be careful and not trust them

Very Bad Experience:

I contacted this company through an advertisement on television. Mr. Freddy Mendoza attended to me. Mr. Mendoza told me that they are only going to charge me 539 dollars in total. That amount will be divided into the installments that I will pay for credit cards. I called him several times to be sure, and after I told him that I was interested, he made me record a conversation, saying that I was satisfied with everything he had said, logically I said yes, I was satisfied. After the recording, he sent me a contract in which he guided me how to fill it out. But it didn't give me a chance to read it. Trusting that he was being honest with me, I did not read the contract. After seeing so many informalities, lack of clarity, and seeing that the credit card kept calling me. After having made two payments: the first and second month to this company, and seeing that the credit cards kept calling me. This company told me that they had already been informed, that they had already contacted the cards, but the cards kept calling me.

In short, over $ 7434 of card debt alone will save less than $ 500. And they have caused me a damage with the cards for having advised me wrongly saying that I should not pay the cards after signing with them. And the counter saying otherwise. After having had a conversation with Natalia (one of the representatives of the company) I realized that they were going to

Ulises V

Business responded on 7/28/2020

First and foremost, we deeply regret Mr. Esposito's dissatisfaction, as our goal with every client is to provide a clear and mutually agreed upon path to the resolution of the issues confronting them at the time of their engagement. In this case, we believe that our efforts were undertaken in good faith and were clearly presented, and so we are very disappointed in the outcome of the situation at hand and hope that Mr. Esposito will be content to part ways amicably based on the steps already taken. Thomas Kerns McKnight, LLP can confirm the representative relationship between this firm and Mr. Antonio Esposito, but must disagree with Mr. Esposito's characterization of the firm's efforts and statements regarding the events preceding his complaint. Over the course of ten years in service to the community, this firm has consistently upheld the highest ethical standards applied to attorneys nationwide, and maintained the best interests of our clients as the primary motivation behind our actions. In pursuit of those ideals, representatives of the firm took extensive measures to ensure that Mr. Esposito's understanding of the actions he was taking was clear. An internal review has shown that a recorded compliance discussion was held with Mr. Esposito specifically outlining the exact information that he now disputes was never presented to him. That information included a confirmation of his understanding of the written legal services agreement he duly executed, a clear presentation of the mechanics and consequences of pursuing this course of representation, and all of the fees associated with the services to be rendered on his behalf. Firm staff worked with Mr. Esposito on multiple occasions to ensure his understanding and his satisfaction; however, Mr. Esposito chose to terminate our representative relationship prior to the completion of our services. Ultimately, a full refund of all amounts deposited by Mr. Esposito in pursuit of the resolution of his case was provided. What is most unfortunate in this instance, is that in the numerous interactions we have with our clients and the prospective individuals who contact us, this is not an issue that has been raised. We take great pains to be certain that our engagement is designed to review all aspects of our service and to avoid exactly the type of confusion that Mr. Esposito has experienced. A thorough review of those procedures will follow, to further enhance those efforts and ensure that another situation of this nature will not occur. It is extremely disappointing for us as a firm to know that an individual, whom we hoped to provide relief and assistance to in a difficult time, feels that they received any other result from our interactions. Our staff is extremely dedicated to the people we serve, has been available and attentive throughout the difficult circumstances surrounding everyone's lives amidst the pandemic, and will continue to focus on the well being and improvement of the lives of those who seek our assistance. We sincerely wish Mr. Esposito the best in the pursuit of the resolution of his case and will take his criticism into account in improving our efforts moving forward.