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    9601 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 560
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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    (310) 247-1988
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    David Page (Vice President - Operations)
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Triumph Management Company provides owned property management services.

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About Triumph Properties Group

As owner, developer, investor, manager and corporate citizen, Triumph Properties Group is dedicated to seizing unrealized opportunities, and creating value—for owners and for tenants—in our growing portfolio of properties. We are committed to acting professionally and ethically while reaching strict...

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    Bad faith time and time again

    Posted on 6/23/2017

    I will give a single accout for example of what I believe to be unfair practices as the frequency of inauspious events are beyond the scope of this document...

    The on site manager made use of tactics that are specifically defined as illegal by the fair trade act. He threatened physical vilance while referring to my family as "you people" (Jewish) one month we were a day late with the rent resulting in the misappropriation of the following rent for six months where he was stacking late fee on top of late fees creating fraudulent records of our tenancy as being an on going failure to pay rent on time. After months of attempts to solve the issue the regional manager said she would look in to it to the extent of the evidence in my possession clearly showing this pattern. After a couple more months went by I contacted her and was told " it's not a priority" after an hour of demonstrating my ability to identify the administrative manipulations they consistency employed in my experience such as absenteeism , plausable denyability and personal continuity of communication disruption to name a few an hour later I was offered an applied credit towards the following months rent this is also an act of misappropriation as well as not being comprehensive compensation in consideration for damages extensively nor did it result in any recovery of money owed to us. To this day none of these faults of contractual obligations have been addressed dispite the reasonable expectation for administrative accountability. I WOULD STRONGLY ADVISE NOT TO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY THEY ARE LESS THAN FAIR IN OPERATIONAL CONDUCT (in my opinion)

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