TruConnect Mobile, LLC

1100 Glendon Avenue, Suite 905
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Phone: (855) 878-2666
Contact: Flavio Martinez - Manager, Business Analysis
Company ID: 100113744

The grid below includes a brief summary of complaints and the company's response, if available. In some cases, the grid may include all complaints against the company.

Complaint and Response Summaries
Customer Complaint: I waited beyond the time mentioned and the phone is still inoperable.

Company Response: They have released my previous phone number and I did not need to return the phone.
Customer Complaint: I called them twice and was told that they don't always send out Smartphone (even though that's wha... Read More

Company Response: The company states to call them and get more information related to the device she has.
Customer Complaint: I have tried calling and emailing Truconnect for three days now, and I cannot reach them at all.

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: I can't cancel my account. There's nothing on their website for cancellation.

Company Response: Per Consumer states; TruConnect Mobile left me a voice message stating that they cancelled my accoun... Read More
Customer Complaint: Unit stopped working. Called truconnect, was told to reset my credit card. I did. Still not working.... Read More

Company Response: TruConnect contacted consumer to address his issue.
Customer Complaint: We returned the mifi device back in June 2014 and never received the credit for the return.

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: false advertisement 138.99 at check out 156.99

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: This customer seeks TruConnect LLC to dissolve in full the customer account and receive written con... Read More

Company Response: I did get the positive result from the company.
Customer Complaint: They keep telling my money is my account on 5 occasion still not there I'm tired of fooling with the... Read More

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: I was told I would get refund in 10-14 days, I called at least 4 times and they just keep postponing... Read More

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: True connect was supposed to work in my area according to their coverage map but sadly their adverti... Read More

Company Response:
Customer Complaint: Modem doesn't work, customer service will not respond, have attempted to contact them for over 1 MON... Read More

Company Response: