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We've been here since 1957, and we're better now than we've ever been. We fix gauges. Recently we've been having some fun converting speedometers and gauge clusters from the cars that were nearly new when we started in business.

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    Posted on 1/11/2015

    United Speedometer Service is non-performing in repairing two speedometers. He has returned them disassembled with key parts missing causing me more damage. 1. United Speedometer Service (USS) agreed to repair two 1935 Studebaker speedometers. 2. Both speedometer were sent via UPS with tracking number 1ZE5519V0390113592. We have proof of delivery on 05/12/2014. 3. On reviewing the speedometers USS quoted $1,000 (at $500 each) for the repair. Check #1278 Dated 06/18/2014 for $1,000 was sent to USS. Check has been deposited by USS and endorsed on the back by the owner. 4. After repeated telephone calls revealed the owner was not making any progress on repairing the speedometers, I requested he send them back. 5.We had to retain legal council to force him to send them back. 6. He has returned them disassembled with key parts missing and no work done on them, causing me more damage.

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    Stay away from this company!

    Posted on 10/16/2013

    Their website lies about their location. It is a small garage behind their home. It is not a two story building with bays. We sent them a '56 clock to be repaired two years ago - still no clock and still no refund of money. Rick, the dad and owner, promises to send us the money. He refused certified letter. Butch, the son, states the computer and the fax machine are always broken and/or down. I am fed up with their lies and stealing our money. We own Ramsey's Rods and Restoration in Fort Worth, TX. Our lead tech went personally to their home in Riverside, CA, and they would not pay him the money owed to us. Stay away from this company!

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