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1 complaints against VICSINC.COM closed in last 3 years.
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0 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
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1 Agreed to make an adjustment
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1 complaints against VICSINC.COM

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Customer Complaint


I had a fire about two years ago as i was arriving to my home i found some many people on my lawn. He was one and the Cipmany Counterpoint the were all trying to speak to me. I didn't know that they monitor all the fires in the in the surrounding areas to give people supposed to be helped because of their fires they're just people that are just trying to get jobs on construction jobs and they try help you at the lowest point of your life I had very very bad experience with mr. Vick his come instruction Texas are very Mickey Mouse he doesn't do all the jobs he cuts corners and he doesn't reply to phone messages as soon as possible he started doing my renovation about it's a year-and-a-half ago never met him after that try to see him how to go to his company myself to talk to him didn't really reply to all my phone calls and and Counterpoint was there only two just received the part that was for them which was the money part Vick was only the one that was supposedly helping me with it with the renovation paint jobs for sloppy flooring was cheap back cutting baseboards were Above This the not right on the boards ants come out from there because it's there not placed correctly there's a lot of other stuff that I recommend that you do not contract Counterpoint or lakes construction very very bad experience I hope that other people will get this message he has a lot of work apparently in the San Fernando or Lancaster Palmdale he does travel i hate when someone takes advantage Resolution Sought What I what I really need from him was he promised me this last Friday that he does come mean by I showed him pictures of the mousy things that he did to the house they're little things but there are things that should have been done in a matter of a good job I need my Florence fix that cut wrong my baseboards are up higher than they're supposed to the paint job it's lousy and he doesn't reply to my phone calls so I really need him to come by and do all these repairments .

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Company Response


Hello this job is over 3 years old. I never received a call or complaint from them. I ran into the home owners at a restaurant and spoke to them. They told me about the paint needed to be touch up and some base molding which I immediately told them I would send someone to fix it which I did. After confirming with them we made an appointment for someone to be at their home at 8am. Two guys arrived to their home to take care of what they were complaining about. They made them wait outside for over an hour because they were not ready to let them in. after we had told them what time we would arrive. They only show them what needed to be done and didn't let them do the work. My office is an hour away. Iit cost me money to send someone there to not ended up doing anything. In addition she also mentioned that we had installed the wrong floors. I told her that day at the restaurant you should have told me something that same day not 3 years later. There's nothing I can do at this point, She also said she was not to happy with the floors because they were cheap. The floors are laminated floors which were upgraded from what she had originally (carpet). We also upgrade the kitchen with granite counter tops, The fire place with stone, kitchen floors with travertine, stair case with floors. Over all we did many upgrades for the home.Yes the paint needs to be touch up and a few base board that the home owner damage themselves which that day I send my guys to take care of it at no cost but when you make an appointment and then change it well I'm not here to play games. Iit cost me money that day to send them there and back for nothing. Plus the job is over 3 years old which I was willing to see pass that.

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