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4070 Boston Road
Bronx, NY 10469
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Sales Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00am-9:00pm
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Posted on 10/5/2022

The Most Hellish Place On Earth Filled With Money Pigs.

*****WARNING*****WARNING*****WARNING****** Whoever you may be in the world, just know that I want to help you by spreading the story about my experience with this stupid, trashy dealer with its immature and brainless workers. I only have 2 days of the week off from work and I would usually want to go out with my family on those days. We all got so excited to be getting a new black 2019 Cadillac. So we went out on my day off to get the car. When we got there we had to wait for 3 hours until they found the car in the end. When we had gotten there they didn't even have a clue about where the car was or where it could be. That is how immature this dealer is. After we found it we took it on a test drive and the car would smell so awful even one of the workers in the car with me could smell it too and even admitted to us that he never smells something like this in any other car. They had assured us that the smell would go away after the car would be washed. The smell was soo strong and it made us want to puke for the rest of our lives on Earth. The smell was like something that had risen from the bottom of hell. But we still trusted themPlus I have 4 children who were all very excited about getting a new car but this had given all their hopes up. A couple of days later I had gotten a call from a woman named Nicole. She apologized for what had happened and told me they wanted to make up for it so they washed the car for us and told us that they would make us happy. So on my 2nd day off my wife and I went this time and I had my 4-year-old at daycare (which I was eventually late to pick him up) We left even earlier than before and got there at 12. This time the car was good and we wanted to buy it. They took such a long time to get us talking to the right people. The whole office is also very unprofessional. They have a bunch of people doing nothing, and it seems there is no real manager of the whole thing. They also have very loud music playing and it is soo loud that I couldn't even hear the person working right next to me. I'm telling you this is no place of business this is a place that only wants to take your money and rip you off. I was about to pay them and get the car, but when I was looking through the papers and contract I saw that they wanted to charge me 84,000, but I had checked and the car is only supposed to be 57, 000. That is 27,000 more than supposed to be. Then they decided to make the problem bigger than supposed to be. When I was finally going to leave they started making matters bigger and when I went outside I saw they weren't even starting to prep the car. They cost me two wonderful days that happen to be the day I spend with my family plus the fact that I had to be late for my child. Just know to never trust a word they say to you because whatever it is will never be true. These people are always just going to lie to your face and play tricks on you. Never once have I had an experience as bad as my experience with this dealer