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    PO Box 747
    Marshall, VA 20116
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    (877) 291-1109
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    Please contact (800) 609-1829
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    Mark Yates (Chief Executive Officer)
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Wall & Associates, Inc.is one of the nation's leading professional tax representation and negotiation firms They serve clients from our service offices located nationwide to help solve both federal and state tax problems.

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    Took awhile but so worth it, free and clear with the IRS

    Posted on 4/20/2017

    I contacted Wall &Associates due to continued tax notices and I knew I needed to get this taken care of once and for all. My team leader Bryant C**** worked diligently with me for 15 months and though it tried my patience the team worked with my financial situation and never gave up on my case. They remained professional and competent and kept me well informed of the case through e-mails, phone calls and written correspondence the entire time. I am happy to report that the IRS with the help of W&A came to a most positive outcome and I am very appreciative and grateful of all the work W&A did for me. I now have my life back!

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    Great Service

    Posted on 4/13/2017

    The service received was good. Dealing with the IRS is never an easy experience. I appreciate there knowledge and experience working on my case. I will tell my family members and anyone else that deals with the IRS to call Wall & Associates. They will pick up the first time you call and schedule appointment with you in no time flat.

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    Tax Help

    Posted on 4/11/2017

    We came on board with Wall & Assoc. back in 2014 to resolve some issues regarding Federal & state taxes.
    At that point, W&A (Jessica Smith) became our agent & controlled all correspondence w/ both agencies. At appropriate points, we were told to file certain documents, and we did. Any time we received a document from one of the tax agencies we simply sent them to Jessica & she handled it.
    People here the term (What a relief) but until your butt is in the ringer it doesn't mean much.
    In March 2017, we resolved the debt with the IRS. It is a giant weight that has been lifted from our shoulders. The price they charged was not inexpensive..
    That said, I felt the charge was appropriate for the services they delivered. I think the secret to working w/ W& Assoc. is to trust them as your agent and do what they tell you.
    I remember my first conversation w/Jessica, She was strait & very forward (almost rude in a way) but once I sat with my wife & shared my conversation, she explained that she would rather have a an agent that is truthful & would do what was needed to resolve OUR problem that bottomline was created by us just by procrastinating-hoping it would just go away. Well, these problems do not….
    My grateful thanks go out to Jessica Smith & Greg Thornson, Professionals at what they do.
    It was great to have a team of experts that you can rely on
    I recommend them unreservedly to you.
    Don't hesitate to enlist their help!

    Many Thanks
    Sam Hernandez

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  • 1 Review
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    State/Federal Tax Debt Help

    Posted on 4/10/2017

    Jessica with Wall & Associates is very professional and courteous. She worked on our federal and state tax debt. We submitted info to her as it was received from IRS so that she was able to communicate with them immediately. A lot of work, but well worth it. Received reasonable payment plans for both entities.

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