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Posted on 4/10/2020

I would like to see wearing masks mandatory for both employees and ALL customers.

I am very concerned about Wal-Mart employees not wearing masks when they deliver groceries to our cars. (pickup service). They should wear them since they are in contact with many customers a day. I an also concerned that clerks are not wearing masks. They are not 6 ft away when ringing up a sale for a customer either. When I was in the other day there were employees standing close to each other talking with each other. Several groups of them in fact. They guard people coming in the entrance door now but what good does it do if the customers or employees are not wearing masks. This is a real issue right now and I don't feel safe shopping there. Something needs to be done about this problem.

Posted on 4/6/2020

Fix the problem with people coming in your store without facemask and being 6 feet apart its your store.

Went to Wal-Mart today super Wal-Mart in alliance I have a complaint. Wal-Mart in alliance ft worth they have one door open for people to come in they have the exit door locked where people have to go in Entrance door. That's not safety for the corona virus bumping into one another. It's not safe, people are not wearing no kind of facial mask or anything. Have to do something you never know who is carrying the virus they have their kids in their exposing those kids in your store. It should be mandatory that if you come to the store you must have a mask on or some type of protection. Made me nervous to be around all those people not standing 6 feet apart from each other. When you are at the register people just walk up on you and stand right on you. This is serious please take it serious Wal-Mart managers who ever concerned I am concerned. Do something before epidemic happen here in Fort Worth please. Media don't need to get involved with this this is serious.