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Posted on 2/8/2022

Its not the money its the disregard they have.

I'm not a person who normally files complaints, or gets upset over the small stuff, only cause nothing ever gets done or resolved, so why. I've always shopped Walmart, so tried on line with concerns that could create more issues. 1st time, order delivered in pieces not at once as normally should. But wrong address over 5 days. Right off lady who recd my order got my info, called me to inform me. So Walmart, fed ex and me knew. I ask they get in touch with driver to deliver right place. Nothing happened except I had to walk to place get my items and I'm elderly and disabled. This time, notified by text and email order, again split into 3 or more deliveries, coming 2/7-9, text today it coming today, another text more coming 20 mins later. Not delivery service but 2 different average person in personal car dropped off item in Walmart bag on porch both times. Who does this, what if I wasn't there. Its not the money its the disregard they have. Waste time, money but can't just wait to deliver when all stuff ready. Thats not right and don't fix or apologize or give gift card or discount on order. No just jack up prices to pay all this extra they doing.

Posted on 12/16/2021

Can you hire people that care about their job

I applied online for Walmart Affirm. Talked to three men in customer service. They never transferred my information. I called back for the fourth time and spoke with a lady who told me my information was never transferred. Customer service isn't customer service anymore. They treat you anyway. Sad.